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Unlife is Unfair

2010-05-21 10:03:04 by moondancer89

There's this awesome comic on that you guys NEED to see! Just search for "Unlife is Unfair" and be prepared to see this awesome comic! It's not updated often, but when it is, it never lets you down!

Horror Movies-Sex Stories

2010-01-04 17:00:55 by moondancer89

Ever noticed how in horror movies the women in them just seem to scream a lot? They run around in the forest, moon shining on their naked bodies, screaming their heads off?
And speaking of naked bodies,
ever noticed how that, as soon as the girl is done with her job as a whore, the killer advances on her tent and kills the guy first? And then that's when the beginning comes in. It's like some game to the killer, chasing a screaming naked lady around like a dog chasing a cat.
That's all they do. Sex, Scream, die. Really. Is that all movie directors can think about? It's like this:
"Oh, that lady just got done being a whore, let's let her run around to add some sexual appeal."
Annoying as heck.
Speaking of whores too,
In horror movies they all have at least ONE sex scene. Like that is freaking scary. "Oh, let's scare the bejeebers out of virgins by adding a sex scene!"
And that's all scary movies are about, seriously. Like that movie Orphan. It was all about a kid named Esther, then they added a (Spoiler alert) SEX SCENE! And it was about a kid! AN adult looking like a kid that SEDUCED husbands and then killed the whole family.
Point proven.
Total Eclipse, AKA Emily.


2009-11-21 03:48:46 by moondancer89

Madness is very popular! I'm starting to think that I should start drawing Hank and Tricky for Madness next year for Madness Day 2010! What do you say?



2009-08-04 17:45:18 by moondancer89

Could you guys PLEASE view my art? I mean, this is the first time I've ever submitted to Newgrounds,
You guys think you can help me please?



2009-07-07 21:53:33 by moondancer89

Well, i thought i'd, i don't know, give y'all

/* */
a video or something.


Friday the Thirteenth

2009-07-02 22:20:45 by moondancer89

Hey, i just watched Friday the thirteenth, and it rocked! I'm so totally on Jason's side! Just one question:
Are you on Jason's side, or the camper's side? Or on Freddy Vs. Jason, are you on Jason's side or Freddy's? I'm on Jason's team, which ever one wins!

Family Photo!

2009-07-01 22:10:59 by moondancer89

I took a photo of my family at
Check it out! Just search for little suger cake!

Family Photo!

I've been beaten up alot over this. My parents want me to make a flash, but honestly, i don't have any inspirations. Tell ya what. I write stories too, and i'll describe some of them. Tell me which story you think would make the best flash, and we'll see what you get.

I Am Nothing- it's about a girl named Taki and A boy named Piccolo, who've been kidnapped since age 12, and they get a job at some murdering place. (I don't do well at describing things)

Running From Home- A were-dog named Cruel decides to go away when she finds that the nieghbers no longer want her to see her friend, a human boy named Duke, and when the farmer decides to sell her at the county dog show. (She's human at Duke's house, and dog at Farmer's House.)

The Last Moon- A Girl named Moon finds that she's been left for dead, because legend foretold that she would murder every living thing until someone can kill her. ( And deciding to kill a cute 12-year old won't be easy.)

So look at these and decide which one you think sounds good. Thanx!

Just an everyday litle somethin'

Pico day

2009-04-30 09:46:07 by moondancer89

Mornin' guys! Just wanted to say that Pico day is awesome! But remember, you can't have Pico without Piconjo! Or so I've been told. But anyway, happy holidays!

Pico day