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Horror Movies-Sex Stories

2010-01-04 17:00:55 by moondancer89

Ever noticed how in horror movies the women in them just seem to scream a lot? They run around in the forest, moon shining on their naked bodies, screaming their heads off?
And speaking of naked bodies,
ever noticed how that, as soon as the girl is done with her job as a whore, the killer advances on her tent and kills the guy first? And then that's when the beginning comes in. It's like some game to the killer, chasing a screaming naked lady around like a dog chasing a cat.
That's all they do. Sex, Scream, die. Really. Is that all movie directors can think about? It's like this:
"Oh, that lady just got done being a whore, let's let her run around to add some sexual appeal."
Annoying as heck.
Speaking of whores too,
In horror movies they all have at least ONE sex scene. Like that is freaking scary. "Oh, let's scare the bejeebers out of virgins by adding a sex scene!"
And that's all scary movies are about, seriously. Like that movie Orphan. It was all about a kid named Esther, then they added a (Spoiler alert) SEX SCENE! And it was about a kid! AN adult looking like a kid that SEDUCED husbands and then killed the whole family.
Point proven.
Total Eclipse, AKA Emily.


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2010-01-04 20:25:07

Orphan was a good movie though. I did not see that ending coming

like srsly

moondancer89 responds:

I know, I didn't either! I mean, whoa!


2010-02-02 00:16:47

I know right... & i liked orphan. It was a ...interesting movie.
And im 13 too. Lets be buds. The profile lies :O


2010-02-02 00:21:32

BTW, i think your art is unique, not like all the other peeps that waste days on art. Simple is good sometimes. Its great.

moondancer89 responds:

Thanks, you don't know how much that means to me! I can draw pretty good in real life, but life hasn't blessed me with a scanner yet.


2010-03-15 22:02:40

Hey wanna hear a joke?

moondancer89 responds:

I'd be willing to listen! About time someone offered a joke!