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Just an everyday litle somethin'

2009-06-28 11:09:49 by moondancer89

I've been beaten up alot over this. My parents want me to make a flash, but honestly, i don't have any inspirations. Tell ya what. I write stories too, and i'll describe some of them. Tell me which story you think would make the best flash, and we'll see what you get.

I Am Nothing- it's about a girl named Taki and A boy named Piccolo, who've been kidnapped since age 12, and they get a job at some murdering place. (I don't do well at describing things)

Running From Home- A were-dog named Cruel decides to go away when she finds that the nieghbers no longer want her to see her friend, a human boy named Duke, and when the farmer decides to sell her at the county dog show. (She's human at Duke's house, and dog at Farmer's House.)

The Last Moon- A Girl named Moon finds that she's been left for dead, because legend foretold that she would murder every living thing until someone can kill her. ( And deciding to kill a cute 12-year old won't be easy.)

So look at these and decide which one you think sounds good. Thanx!

Just an everyday litle somethin'


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